Dry Fog 2S System

Clean Room Bio-Decontamination

Medical Water Disinfection Products

Features & Benefits

  • Dry Fog Technology validated by hundreds of FDA audited pharmaceutical production facilities worldwide
  • Controlled and consistently accurate droplet size
    • Minimizes risk of condensation
    • Ensures penetration into inaccessible areas
  • Effective dispersion in all areas of room including multiple rooms areas up to 1000m³ using one single unit
  • 8 different spray nozzle(s) position possibilities for higher flexibility
    • Spray diffusion is horizontal or vertical
  • Robust construction, with easy maintenance and no moving parts
  • Does not require electrical connection
  • Sanitary construction 100% Stainless Steel made
  • 100% autoclavable design
  • Portable system can easily be used in multiple locations
  • Validable reproducible procedure according to international Pharma Standards
  • Extensive document package and traceability on key part


Minncare Dry Fog Brochure

(P/N: 3028187)

Spanish Version (3031186)


Minncare Dry Fog 2S Datasheet

(P/N: 50096-149)


Minncare Sterilant Datasheet

(P/N: 50090-888)

Spanish Version (P/N: 3030891)


BioScience Products Brochure

(P/N: 3026557)



Dry Fog S2 Disinfectant Fogging System

Minncare Dry Fog® 2 – Clean Room Aerosol-Based Bio-Decontamination

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