Dialysis Water Treatment Training

We proudly offer in-house, online and on-site training of your dialysis water systems to ensure your team feels confident and in control of operating each machine independently.

dialysis water system training

In-House Training

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Online Dialysis Water System Training

Online Training

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On-Site Training

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Dialysis Seminars and Workshops

Mar Cor offers comprehensive dialysis water treatment training. From online courses to hands-on training and live seminars, our trainers can educate your team on how to properly operate and handle each water treatment system in your clinic.

Looking for in-person seminars in dialysis equipment?

Our seminars are held at our Plymouth, MN, facility and range from one- to five-day programs, depending on the equipment covered.

*Seating is limited so contact us today to sign up.

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    Clinical Symptoms of Inadequately Treated Water

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    Water System Components

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    AAMI Standards & FDA Guidance for Water Treatment Monitoring

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    RO Theory & Fundamentals: Cleaning & Disinfecting Issues

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    Hands-on Training in Servicing a Water Treatment System

In-House Training

Courses provided for the EON, Millenium HX, WRO 300, BioPure HX2, CWP, 4400M, 23G & Dialysis Water at our Plymouth facility.

2024 Plymouth, MN Training Courses

January 2024 through December 2024

Plymouth, Minnesota (Evoqua Facilities)

2024 In-House Training Schedule

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Web-Based Training

Mar Cor’s online Water Solutions 12-course program contains valuable training and resource information about water for medical systems and provides 14 contact hour credits.

This program consists of training for your staff on hemodialysis water topics and offers support and information for everyday use. We enroll you and your staff into the Dialysis Water University Program for complete online water training while providing you access to reference materials and other water information-based sites.

The term may look unfamiliar, but as regulatory organizations and standards continue to increase, there is an ever-growing need for continual hemodialysis water training, inspection and information in healthcare practices.

Dialysis Water Solution is designed to provide you and your team with an integrative approach to the issues you face. For starters, there is a Web-link Library to access organizations and government agencies, nephrology resources, patient resources and water standards. There is a Regulations and Guidelines tab to help you and your team better understand what is required.

Since greater emphasis is being placed upon training, the Water Training tab offers you the opportunity to receive current water treatment training online. These courses are offered for various skill sets and provide approved contact hours.

On-Site Field Training Classes

Mar Cor has a full range of field classes available to be conveniently held at your location. These classes range from a half-day comprehensive clinical in-service to 3-day technical training courses, entailing a combination of classroom and hands-on* training.

The technical training classes typically include discussion, demonstration and instruction on daily operation, periodic maintenance and troubleshooting of the specific equipment.

Specific class content can also be adapted to customer/class skill levels. Additional material covering pretreatment, PSDS/MCB solution delivery equipment, is also available.

*Note: The in-depth, hands-on portion of training cannot be conducted in a clinic with patients present.

Field Class Requested

EquipmentLength of classCustomer Equipment Needed On-Site

23G Technical Training 1 day 23G RO
4400M Technical Training 1 day 4400 RO
CWP Technical Training 3 days CWP RO
CWP Clinical In-service ½ day CWP RO
EON Technical Training 1 day EON (prefer 1 RO per 2-3 students)
EON Clinical In-Service ½ day EON (prefer 1 RO per 2-3 students)
Millenium HX Technical Training 1 day Millenium HX (prefer 1 RO per 2-3 students)
Millenium HX Clinical In-service ½ day Millenium HX (prefer 1 RO per 2-3 students)
WRO 300/300 H Technical Training 1 day WRO 300 and/or 300 H (prefer 1 RO per 2-3 students)
WRO 300/300 H Clinical In-service ½ day WRO 300 and/or 300 H (prefer 1 RO per 2-3 students)
Pretreatment ½ day Mar Cor to provide demonstration 2850 control heads and parts
Note: For equipment not listed, please contact us for case by case opportunities and pricing.

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