Minncare Test Strips HD

510 (k) Peracetic Acid Test Strips

Medical Water Disinfection Products

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Minncare HD 1% Test Strips

Minncare HD 1% Test Strips verify adequate concentration of a 1% Minncare solution during sanitization of your hemodialysis water purification system. These convenient dip-and-read strips can be used at any test port in your system to provide an accurate pass/ fail measurement of Minncare HD Disinfectant.

Minncare HD Residual Test Strips

Minncare HD Residual Test Strips are easy to use and are conveniently packaged 100 test strips per container. Each strip has a “reaction zone” pad located at one end of the strip. When stored and used properly, the test strip pad can indicate residual Minncare HD levels as low as 1 part per million (ppm). The reaction zones are set to provide six different reading levels at 100, 30, 10, 3, 1 and 0 (zero) parts per million.


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