CIP Tank

Clean in Place Tank for Portable RO Systems

Medical Water Dialysis Water Treatment

Features & Benefits

  •  Dedicated for Portable RO machines
  • Designed exclusively for Clean-In-Place applications
  • Built-in Dip Strip test site to verify success
  • Used for many MCP models making it multipurpose
  • Light-weight with plastic hinge and wide grip handle
  • Secure, locking style lid, prevents splash and reduces chemical odors
  • Stable design, spill-proof
  • Sealed lid helps reduce chemical odor
  • Pop-up hinged lid to conveniently add chemical or drain contents
  • Basic instruction labels with indicator water fill lines including chemical volume addition information
  • Quick connect ports for product, waste and disinfect ports
  • Complete with 2 hoses (4 ft long) with connectors (waste and disinfect)*


lightweight cip tank datasheet

Lightweight CIP Tank Datasheet

(P/N: 3025827)


Dialysis Water Products Brochure

(P/N: 3026649)


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